TechLife Capital

TECHLIFE CAPITAL is the Growth-Buy Out Private Equity Fund dedicated to Technology and Healthcare investments.

Investment strategy targets pre-identified attractive verticals in Technology (in Software, Solutions or Services), in Healthcare (in Pharma Industry, Healthcare Services and Medical Devices) and in TechHealth (MedTech, eHealth), resulting in proactive deal-flow generation of mostly primary and proprietary opportunities. In these verticals, TECHLIFE CAPITAL accelerates the development of national champions in the 20-200M€ enterprise value range, aiming at more than doubling size.

The 4 partners have more than 80 years of cumulated experience in private equity and corporate investments, and have been covering the technology and healthcare industries for more than 15-20 years. They are supported by 6 Operating Partners in Technology and 6 Operating Partners in Healthcare, successful and respected CEOs who are experts in the main targeted verticals.